Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Writing Workshop with Kate Messner

How can you help your students become better writers?  Encourage them to read! You can also connect them to other writers and authors. In October, I watched Kate Messner’s live webinar sponsored by WeAreTeachers. The Google Hangout is archived here. In a 38 minute video, Messner shares her writing process with younger students and describes her experience writing Rescue on the Oregon Trail (Ranger in Time #1). Students from several classrooms ask her questions about writing, researching, revising and publishing. She prefers to write her first draft from start to finish and to save editing for after the first draft is complete. She mentions that revising takes much longer than the original writing!

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Author Kate Messner

The webinar was a Google Hangout, a great way to connect with others. You can be an actual live participant (Google Hangout on Air) or you can send comments and questions by typed message. It is a similar or alternate application to SKYPE. Many authors also provide FREE 15-20 minute SKYPE conversations with classes, too.  I found Kate Messner’s website to be very useful in providing a list of authors who do so.  Check it out here to find more information and be sure to let me know your feedback on the experience. I will be researching to determine if there is a similar list for Canadian authors (although some authors/illustrators on Kate’s list are Canadian).

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