Monday, May 9, 2016

All About the Books Networking Notes

“I Love to Read Month” Discussion

Plum Coulee
·         Theme: Books are great entertainment.
·         Presented “Oscars” for those classes that met their reading goals

·         Theme: Superheroes
·         Capes, masks, utility belt
·         Family Literacy Night
o   Made masks and read together
o   Reading train
§  Read a page together, move on to a new student, read another section, etc.
Prairie Dale
·         Theme: Star Wars/”Book Wars”
o   Used the Star Wars font
o   Principal dressed up as Darth Vadar
o   Students were Jedis—reading war—the Empire vs. Rebels

·         Book exchange
·         Set reading goals
·         Gr 6-used logs
·         Guest readers
·         Cross-grade reading

Carman Elementary School’s grade 5B students showed off their enthusiasm for literacy as I Love to Read Month kicked off Feb. 2 in schools across the province. The elementary’s theme this year is “Literacy is a Human Right” and the school will be hosting several high-profile guest readers this month. (Emily Distefano/The Valley Leader)

Photo credit Emily Distefano/Valley Leader

Ideas for Performers
·         Mr. Ken
·         Munsch Theater and the Prairie Theater Exchange (or MYTP?)
·         Ag in the Classroom—local producer comes and reads a book and then does an ag-based activity with the kids (make butter, etc.)
·         Winkler Flyers (Ernie Sutherland of Carman is the contact)
·         Senior citizens
·         Retired teachers
·         RCMP
·         Radio personalities
·         Big Daddy Tazz
·         MLA/MP
·         Reading bilingual matching books together
·         Justin Currie
·         Local radio personalities
·         Sally Bender
·         The Reading Rockstar – Barb Lepp

MRA Theme Ideas for I Love to Read month
·         How-To books
·         Superheroes/empowerment
·         Simplistic themes
·         Have two themes in a K-12 school
·         Food—showcases diversity
·         Literacy/Numeracy connection (100 Day is in February)

Networking Notes

·         Looked at their individual routines
·         Activities—Maker Spaces—3D printer—gets kids in the library (lure them in), then get them reading
·         Lego robotics
·         Red River librarians have First Class—online posting of questions

·         Read alouds—listed them
·         Many of the same authors as Sally
·         Favourite novels of the older kids
·         Silent reading time—when to do it
·         Novel study structures—whole class vs. literature circles

·         Listening centers and book corners—pull a name from the hat, gets to choose what to do with a buddy

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