Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Informational, Poetry and Graphica from Sally Bender

It’s All About the Books!
May 5, 2016
Informational, Poetry and Graphica Books
Sally Bender

Informational Books
Bean, Jonathan                                This is My Home, This is My School
Bond, Rebecca                                  Out of the Woods
Cousteau, Philippe                          Follow the Moon Home
Coy, John                                          Their Great Gift
Davies, Nicola                                   I Don’t Like Snakes
Desmond, Jenna                              The Blue Whale
Hopkinson, Deborah                      Beatrix Potter & the Unfortunate Tale of a Borrowed Guinea Pig


Jenkins, Martin                               Fabulous Frogs
Jenkins, Steve                                  How to Swallow a Pig
Keating, Jess                                     Pink is for Blobfish
Kulling, Monica                               Clean Sweep: Frank Zamboni’s Ice Machine
London, Jonathan                           Otters Love to Play
Mattick, Lindsay                              Finding Winnie
McCloskey, Kevin                            The Real Poop on Pigeons
Nassar, Daniel                                  Animal Architects

Paul, Miranda                                  Water Is Water
Roy, Katherine                                 Neighborhood Sharks
Schaefer, Lola                                   Lifetimes
Smith, Lane                                      There is s TRIBE of Kids
Snyder, Laurel                                 Swan: The Life and Dance of Anna Pavlova
Valerio, Geraldo                              The Book of Birds
Wilcox, Merrie-Ellen                      What’s the Buzz?

Fogliano, Julie                                 When Green Becomes Tomatoes
Frost, Helen                                     Among a Thousand Fireflies
Orgill, Roxane                                  Jazz Day: The Making of a Famous Photograph
Raczka, Bob                                      Wet Cement
Reid, Barbara                                   Sing a Song of Bedtime
Shovan, Laura                                  The Last Fifth Grade of Emerson Elementary
Singer, Marilyn                                Echo Echo


Brown, Don                                      Drowned City
Chikwanine, Michel                        Child Soldier
Davis, Eleanor                                  Flop to the Top!
Duffy, Chris                                      Fable Comics/Fairy Tale Comics
Hatke, Ben                                        Little Robot/Zita the Spacegirl
Hicks, Faith Erin                             The Nameless City
Holm, Jennifer                                Comics Squad: Lunch/Recess
Jamieson, Victoria                          Roller Girl
Liniers                                               Written and Drawn by Henrietta
McCoola, Marika                             Baba Yaga’s Assistant
Pearson, Luke                                  Hilda and the Troll
Telgemeier, Raina                           Smile/Drama/Ghosts *
Spiegelman, Nadia                           Lost in NYC: A Subway Adventure


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